Farmall Cub 3-Point Hitch Kit:

Want to get more functionality from your Farmall Cub?  You can have a modern 3-point quick-hitch installed with the turn of 7 bolts and zero modification of your Cub!  With a quick-hitch, implements are swappable with any 3-point tractor, and are hitched up in seconds, without even pulling a pin or leaving the driver’s seat.

This simple kit strengthens your Cub by providing support to the final drives, and gives you a solid, level, 3-point hitch.  No rerouting of hydraulics or drilling, this kit takes advantage of the rockshaft lift system already perfected on your Cub.  Old cultivator systems often create twisting forces on the final drives - this design eliminates that by linking the lower arms - the final drives only have to pull!

Take that beautiful antique and make it modern and useful!  

Check out our Youtube video of installation in under 15 minutes!

Youtube - Farmall Cub 3-Point Quick Hitch Installation 

Cub 3pt Hitch Kit - Standard Clearance
Cub 3pt Top Link
Cub 3pt hitch - std side down
Cub 3pt Hitch Kit - High Clearance
Cub 3pt - std clearance down
Cub 3pt - std clearance up
Cub 3pt - std lowe link up

Available in two models:

  • Standard Clearance: 20.5" ground clearance (raised), 16" (lowered)

  • High Clearance :       24" ground clearance (raised), 21" (lowered-same as rear axle)

Both kits can raise the lower link pins to ~24":, and lower them to ~9" (depending on adjustment of the top link pin).

Included in the kit:

  • Final Drive Mounts

  • Lower link arms with welded support bar

  • Adjustable top link mount

  • All Hardware (grade 5)

  • Instructions

**3-point Quick Hitch is included in the Full Kit - not in the Linkage Kit (see below)

Standard Linkage Kit: 


This basic kit affordably adapts your Cub to a 3-point Quick Hitch, & installs in less than 15 mins!   You supply the quick hitch that you already own or snag with a coupon from your local Harbor Freight Tools.   Saw this on Ebay?  Save a few bucks by buying direct!   

High Clearance Linkage Kit:


This kit raises the support bar to the same height as the rear axle - useful for using  the rear 3-point kit for hilling potatoes and cultivating taller crops.   This kit offers the same simple 15 minute installation!  Save $ Over Ebay by buying direct!

The linkage kits are meant to fit with 3-pt Quick Hitches like those sold by: 

Complete 3-Pt Hitch Kit:

Standard Clearance   


This Complete 3-Point Quick Hitch Kit brings everything you need directly to your door!

Includes everything from the Linkage Kit, plus the Category 1 Quick Hitch unit.  

Complete 3-Pt Hitch Kit: 

High Clearance 


This Complete 3-Point Quick Hitch Kit brings everything you need directly to your door!

Includes everything from the Linkage Kit, plus the Category 1 Quick Hitch unit.  

Farmall Cub Power-Lift Kit for Rear Hitch

Want to lift more weight with the rear hitch of your cub?  

Want to operate the rear hitch independently of the front?    

Want it to be fast & easy?

This kit allows the rear hitch/cultivators to be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.  No modification of your tractor is required.

Before, my cub could lift less than 200 lbs on the rear cultivators, and that was with nothing on the belly.   With front cultivators on, even 100 lbs was a struggle.  With this kit, I can haul and use real 3-point implements with ease!  This kit enables you to raise, hold, and lower the rear cultivator in seconds, reduces stress on the hydraulics and makes it practical to install a real 3-point hitch on your Cub (check out the hitch kits above)
Kit Includes:
•    Lever Arm – Slides over and bolts to Rockshaft
•    Shackle Link - Bolts to mounting plate on Cub
•    Winch - Keeper KT2000 12volt winch

         *2000# Capacity

         *Automatic full-load holding brake

         *Full Factory warranty included
         *Controls and wiring harness – mounts to steering column or

           wherever you want.

***Extra Note - This winch can be removed from your cub in minutes for use elsewhere on the farm!  I have tried a lot of different winches, and this one is has all the features you need - and with my wholesale relationship, I can add them to the kit at a great price.

***Warning – no warranty is made as to the durability of your cub mountings and axles when lifting heavy loads.  It is advised not exceed 500 lbs with wheels at wide spacings.

This simple system combines custom crafted link parts with a 12-volt winch (hand winch also available for 6-volt cubs - coming soon!) to make your Cub more powerful, useful, and easy to use!

Video thumbnail

Complete Power-Lift Kit For Farmall Cub Rear Hitch


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