Certified Organic Garlic for seed or your kitchen

  • **Garlic is sold out for 2021.  Check back in August of 2022 for this year's crop availability!

Persian Star”

Persian Star is a hardneck variety that is very reliable for us here in Eastern Oklahoma.  Plants grow larger and more lush than all other varieties that we grow, which seems to make them more resilient and able to produce consistently large bulbs regardless of early summer weather conditions.  Persian Star survived the record-setting frigid two weeks this February with no die-off, under one thin layer of row cover that eventually laid completely flat over the plants after it became coated with ice.  The plants then showed no signs of stress or disease as it bulbed up during an extremely wet May.  Persian Star produces scapes later than other hardnecks, and can often be left in the ground up to two weeks longer than our other varieties, which helps us spread out the work of harvest.  We planted on November 7th and harvested June 17th.

Persian Star’s heads are pristine, round, and solid, with medium-large cloves and excellent storage without softening or sprouting before you want it to.  Strong flavor! 


Music is a hardneck variety that we love for its flavor and consistently healthy heads.  Like Persian Star, Music thrived this year in spite of challenging weather conditions, with nearly all heads coming out perfect, and a large proportion of larges.  Music produces scapes in May (starting about one week earlier than Persian Star). We planted on November 7th and harvested June 17th (later than previous years).

Music produces beautiful, round, solid heads that occasionally have some purple coloring.  Heads have 7-8 very large cloves (larger heads have larger cloves, instead of more cloves), with a strong flavor. 

“Lorz Italian”

Lorz has been the most reliable softneck variety we’ve found for our region, although as this year’s heads show, it responds abnormally to an especially cold winter.  We’re making this year’s Lorz heads available at a steep discount because the majority separated at the stem before they even bulbed up, likely as a response to cold stress (see picture).  The heads, while not pretty, have solid cloves, and I expect them to store and germinate well in spite of their strange appearance, so we’re planning to plant it as part of next year’s assortment here on the farm.  The discount makes this a low-cost option for culinary garlic or if you just want to try a new variety in your garden without spending much! 

Lorz Italian is somehow very strong and flavorful but not pungent, so I love it for dressings and other raw uses, as well as for sauces.  Heads have a layer of 7-10 medium-large cloves surrounding a core of smaller cloves, so each head goes a long way in the kitchen.