At Peace of Prairie Organic Farm, we know, and we grow great garlic.  You can enjoy its great flavor and excellent keeping properties, or plant your own from this certified organic seedstock.  Oklahoma can be a tough place to grow vegetables - all our garlic has been selected year to year for great bulb size and hardiness.

**2019 garlic is looking great!   We've got it all harvested, and it is hanging to cure.  All orders are available to ship in approximately July 1.   We'll have it in temperature controlled storage.  If you'd prefer a later shipping date, just ask!

Garlic Sizing:   All sizes can be used for cooking, roasting and seed, but it is generally recognized that larger bulbs come from larger cloves of big-bulbed seed garlic.  Most recipes calling for a clove of garlic are expecting the smaller, culinary garlic of 1.5".  Medium 1.75" garlic can save you some money on seed, or give you slightly larger cloves for cooking.  Large 2" bulbs will yield the biggest heads when used as seed, and make a beautiful addition to any meal as roasted garlic!


Small 1.5"+  Culinary |  Medium 1.75"+ Culinary, Seed |  Large 2"+ Roasting, Seed



All of the flavors and colors of our garlic brought together in a convenient sampler - so you don't have to buy a full pound of each!  Garlic will be labeled so you can know what you're enjoying or planting.  

Samplers will include all varieties that we have in stock, plus "sold out" items that we may have just a few heads left.

  • Try all of our robust garlic flavors

  • All hardneck varieties will produce scapes if planted

  • Individually labelled so you can experiment with all the flavors


  • Hardneck, Porcelain Type

  • Produces Scapes       

A farmers market favorite!  Music is a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic but with more color than most porcelains. Its flavor is very rich and musky, strong and robust and sticks around for a while. It is warm but not overly hot.  Great for roasting and cooking.

  • Large, well formed heads

  • Disease Resistant

German White

Also known as German Extra Hardy, this garlic is a reliable producer, no matter what weather conditions are thrown at it.   We've had drought and flood, early summer heat and long cool springs, and it keeps giving!   Slightly milder than Music, but still a robust garlic flavor that lingers.

  • Hardneck, Porcelain Type

  • Produces Scapes       

  • Reliable in many climates

  • Stores very well

Lorz Italian

Lorz Italian is a great-storing softneck which produces huge, heads and excellent overall yields.  Harvest this in the summer, and easily store it until the next spring.  Thrives in areas with milder winters

  • Softneck

  • Can be braided       

  • Very large bulbs

  • Long Storage Life

Persian Star

  • Hardneck, Purple Stripe

  • Produces Scapes      

  • Beautiful coloration

  • Stores ~6 months

Persian Star is beautiful enough to be a centerpiece, and has a mellow flavor that is incredibly sweet when roasted.  Huge bulbs and stunning  purple-striped wrappers.   This gives scapes and harvest a little later than our other varieties, extending scape availability and spreading out the work of the garden.    

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