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Summer plants: plant out after last frost in April or May


Tomato plants are sold in individual 3.5" biodegradable peat pots.  Peat pots can be planted in the ground to avoid root disturbance, but I recommend tearing strips down the side and bottom of the pot to allow roots to grow quickly out into soil.


Space plants 18-24" apart.  Support is not required for these determinate plants, which have a more bush-type growth habit.  However, using a cage or string to keep the plant off the ground can help prevent disease.


Variety information:

Celebrity Plus: A long-time favorite with Oklahoma growers.  Concentrated set of tasty, medium-large red slicers.  Hybrid variety with good disease resistance.

Jolene: Hybrid red slicer with excellent disease resistance and heat tolerance.  Modern version of the older "Grand Marshall" variety that some folks know.  Medium-large tomatoes.

Homestead 24: Our first year to try this heirloom variety that was bred for hot, humid climates.  Half-pound, globe-shaped, red slicers.



Tomato plant - red slicers, determinate

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