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Ready-made bouquets

Want a farm-fresh bouquet for your table or a gift?  A variety of ready-made arrangements are available for purchase nearly every day of the week at either our farm stand or the farmers market.  Here you'll find the best price on a beautiful bouquet made from frlowers grown on our farm:

Muskogee Farmers Market: Saturdays, 8 am to noon

  • Here you'll find our widest selection of sizes and styles!

  • Muskogee Civic Center parking lot pavilion

Peace of Prairie Farm Stand

  • $10 bouquets and bunches that can be mixed and matched if you need a larger arrangement

  • 6221 W. Okmulgee St., Muskogee, OK

  • Available throughout the week as supplies last, but restocked faithfully every Tuesday and Friday afternoon by 4 p.m., and on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings


Special order bouquets and DIY bunches

Want to arrange a special order of our farm's flowers?  Check out our calendar below for available dates.  Then email, call, or text to reserve your date on the calendar.


Call/text Cassie at: 918-869-2472 (please leave a voicemail if I don't answer!)

Once we know your date, I can let you know what flowers I expect to be available for that time period.  You may order:

  • Bouquets (pre-arranged; made with mixed blooms)

    • Large bouquet: $30​

    • Small bouquet: $18

    • Request a style or color combination if you have one in mind.  Just remember that we'll be working only with what's in season on the farm, so a more open request means we can choose from what's best at the moment.

  • DIY/florist bunches (10-stem bunches of all the same flower; do the arranging yourself!)​

    • Prices vary based on species, anywhere from $8 for small accents to $20 for high-value flowers, with the majority falling in the $12-15 range.​

    • I'll send you a more detailed availability list to choose from, including flower species and color.

Special order flowers: the basics

  1. $100 order minimum

  2. Check the calendar for available order dates

  3. Call, text or email Cassie to reserve a date and receive more information 

  4. Pickup: at the farm (Monday through Friday), or at the Muskogee Farmers Market (Saturday mornings).
  5. Payment: cash, check, Venmo, CashApp, or credit card.

  6. Transporting flowers:  We have inexpensive buckets available for you to purchase to keep your flowers in ($3/bucket), or you may bring your own containers.

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