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Farm Stand

The farm stand is now open for the 2024 season!

Our farm stand is open 7am - 9pm every day and is stocked with fresh produce, often year-round, and flowers from spring til early fall.

The farm stand is self-service, on the honor system.  An old Daily Oklahoman newspaper box serves as our honor box.   For 10+ years, you've been trustworthy Muskogee!  Thanks for making this beautiful, simple relationship work!

6221 W. Okmulgee St.

Muskogee, OK

2 miles west of Highway 69 on Okmulgee St.

South side of the road, directly across from the 55mph sign!

Check for regular updates on our Facebook page ( 

Muskogee Farmers Market

You can find us at the Muskogee Civic Center in downtown Muskogee every Saturday during the market season, 8 am to noon.

425 W Okmulgee St.

The 2024 farmers market season starts April 6th.  We'll be there every Saturday from then on!




Special Order Flowers

New in 2023!

Need flowers for an event or special occasion?  Consider Peace of Prairie's homegrown blooms!  We're now taking orders for both florist bunches (single-species bunches for DIY use) and bouquets.  Check out our "Order Flowers" tab for details!

Pre-order spring plants

Plant your garden with Peace of Prairie plants!  We grow extra plants alongside what we grow for the farm, and make them available to you.  You can find a selection of what we grow at our farmers market stall starting in April, or pre-order exactly what you want right here on the website!  Go to the "Plant Shop" tab above to pre-order.

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