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Fall Update from the Farm

As we pass into the first days of fall (it kind of feels like it, no?), I've finalized plans for the farm this fall and winter, and wanted to post those here for those of you who are regular shoppers at our farmers market stall or our farm stand. Some of you may already know that we had our final farmers market appearance this past Saturday (Sept. 18), and we’ll no longer be attending market for the rest of this year (although plenty of other vendors will be there through the end of October!). The farm stand will stay open with the last of our summer veggies and flowers, until those plants succumb to cold or other stresses (some time in October). As we’ve been doing all year, we’ll continue stocking it with flowers and vegetables on Tuesday afternoons, and now also again on Friday afternoons. (From Oct. 1 through Oct. 9, there will only be produce, as I'll be out of town, and my backups don't do the flower thing!)

Many of you may also be looking forward to the change of seasons and what that has meant for produce from the: lettuce, root crops, spinach, and greens of all kinds starting in the fall, then broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and more as winter progresses. This has been the routine now for the past five winters, with continuous harvests at least twice a week, year-round. I've decided to take a break from that this year, and wanted to warn you all as soon as possible. I will not be growing fall crops this year, except those that will overwinter and be ready early next spring. I expect to close the farm stand in late October, and am making every effort to have over-wintered crops established (most are already growing!) that I can begin harvesting some time in February. If all goes as planned, we'll start off the 2022 season before spring even officially arrives, with all those crisp, fresh spring crops in the farm stand, and we'll continue into farmers market season and summer veggies as always.

This will mean a slightly easier fall planting schedule, some rest, and more time than usual for tasks that always seem to fall to the bottom of the to-do list: repairs to greenhouses, hoophouses, the tractor, the house and shop, field improvements like making and spreading compost and improving drainage in problem wet areas, and researching new ideas and solutions to on-going problems. I'll be updating our Facebook page as late winter approaches and letting you all know what will be available and when. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful fall and winter!


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