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Summer plants: plant out after last frost in April or May.  Pepper plants are less tolerant to cold than tomato plants.  Wait to plant, or cover when nights drop below 50 degrees.


Pepper plants are sold in individual 3.5" biodegradable peat pots.  Peat pots can be planted in the ground to avoid root disturbance, but I recommend tearing strips down the side and bottom of the pot to allow roots to grow quickly out into soil.


Space plants 12-18" apart.  Support is strongly recommended.  


Variety information:

Jalapeno: Classic mild hot pepper.  Starts green and ripens to red (spicier once red).  Very productive variety.

Serrano: Slender elongated fruits with medium heat.  Spicier than jalapeno and also good in salsas for added kick.  Start green and ripen to red.

Cayenne: Abundant small, slender fruits with lots of heat.  Cayenne are the typical pepper used to make dried crushed red pepper, as the small fruits dry very easily.  They are also often used cooked into sauces for Asian cuisine, and are also great in raw dishes if you like more heat.

Habanero: The hottest of the peppers available from our greenhouse.  Habanero plants set loads of beautiful little peppers that look like paper lanterns.  


Pepper plant - spicy varieties

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