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Summer plants: plant out after last frost in April or May.  Pepper plants are less tolerant to cold than tomato plants.  Wait to plant, or cover when nights drop below 50 degrees.


Pepper plants are sold in individual 3.5" biodegradable peat pots.  Peat pots can be planted in the ground to avoid root disturbance, but I recommend tearing strips down the side and bottom of the pot to allow roots to grow quickly out into soil.


Space plants 12-18" apart.  Support is strongly recommended.  


Variety information:

World Beater: Green-to-red bell pepper.  Up to 4" peppers that are very sweet when fully red.

Corona: Green-to-orange bell pepper.  Beautiful, medium-sized bell peppers with excellent flavor, especially when fully ripened to orange.

Cupid: Green-to-red baby snacking bells.  Lots of tiny, very sweet snacking peppers on strong plants.

Sweet banana: Elongated fruits that start pale yellow and turn red and very sweet when ripe.  Very productive.


Pepper plant - sweet varieties

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